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Outplacement for Employees

Dealing with restructuring and redundancies is never easy. Just because you’re having to let some of your team go, doesn’t mean you don’t still want to do right by them. If you’re struggling for time and aren’t sure how to help them through this difficult period, Concept’s outplacement service is a way that you can help those being made redundant have the best chance of securing a new role quickly.

We appreciate that cutbacks have had to be made across the board, and nobody wants this to reflect poorly on their organisation. Enlisting an outplacement service strengthens your brand during a difficult time by showing that you’re a caring, responsible employer.

Along with our up to the minute knowledge and expertise of our sectors, we’ve utilised the skills of highly experienced outplacement consultants to offer a top industry-standard service at a reduced cost. Our outplacement guidance will be tailored to your needs and can be delivered via video conferencing on a one to one basis or in workshops in the case of multiple redundancies.

How does it work?


CV Guidance

Everything we do is geared towards ensuring those being made redundant are able to secure a new job as soon as possible to avoid financial hardship or career gaps.

We understand that many of those being made redundant won't have updated their CVs in some time. That's why our experienced outplacement consultants will be on hand to review their CVs and offer either one-to-one coaching or CV workshops to show off the experience they've gained with you.


Interview Prep & Execution

Our outplacement consultants will provide in-depth advice and guidance on how to effectively prepare and then perform in an interview. This is probably the most crucial part of the job-seeking process. Showing how to plan properly for an interview has a significant effect on an individual’s confidence, self-esteem and ability to present themselves in the very best light.

To make sure your redundant workforce is ready to beat the competition, our outplacement consultants will spend time with your employees to coach them on the best interview tactics.


Career Coaching

We don't just look at the practicalities of modern job-searching, we also understand that being made redundant can affect your employees' self-esteem. Our outplacement consultants have more than 19 years' experience in helping to guide those facing redundancy on a positive path to success.

We'll spend one-to-one time with your employees to either regain their confidence in their specialism or sector, or help them find a new avenue to pursue that suits their skillset.


Personal Branding

Modern job-searching goes hand in hand with making the most of your online presence. Our consultants have first-hand experience with optimising their LinkedIn profiles for better cut-through online. We'll take the skills we've learned in improving our own personal brands online and apply them to your employees' job search.

As with our other services, we can run this on a one-to-one basis or can book multiple outplaced employees onto one workshop.


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