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Outplacement for Employers

If you’ve been made redundant, you may feel at a loss for what to do next. If you’ve been in the same role for some time, or haven’t been active on the job market in years – it’s completely normal to feel out of your depth.

During the current climate many are finding themselves in the same position as you, that’s why Concept has put together its Outplacement Service to help you get back in employment quickly and painlessly.Our advice will give you the peace of mind that you are doing all the right things and aren't missing any tricks. We aim to increase your confidence and belief in your own abilities while enabling you to outperform the majority of other jobseekers.

Keep reading to find out how exactly Concept can help you get back on the job market after being made redundant. We're able to support professionals from any of our core sectors at any level, so if you're looking for some guidance during this turbulent time please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How does it work?


CV Guidance

Putting together a show-stopping CV is a crucial first step to drawing interest and attracting interview requests. Who better to help you put together a highly effective CV than a team of experienced recruitment consultants?

We understand that many of those being made redundant won't have updated their CVs in some time. That's why our experienced consultants will be on hand to review your CV and offer either one-to-one coaching or CV workshops where we'll discuss the routes to market and where best to utilise your CVs.


Interview Prep & Execution

We've prepped countless candidates for interviews over the years and know every interviewing trick in the book. We'll share how to perform well in the interview itself, useful tactics and how to listen intently and understand what the interviewers are really looking for.

Preparation is absolutely key to performing well in any interview, Our advice will allow you to give the very best examples and evidence from your past to each aspect of the new job – significantly improving your chances of getting that job offer.


Career Coaching

We don't just look at the practicalities of modern job-searching, we also understand that being made redundant can affect your self-esteem. Our outplacement consultants have more than 19 years' experience in helping to guide those in your position towards a positive path to success.

We'll spend one-to-one time with you to help rebuild confidence in your niche, or even help you find a new avenue to pursue that suits your unique skillset.


Personal Branding

Modern job-searching goes hand in hand with making the most of your online presence. Our consultants have first-hand experience with optimising their LinkedIn profiles for better cut-through online. We'll take the skills we've learned in improving our own personal brands online and apply them to your job search.

As with our other services, we can run this on a one-to-one basis or you can attend one of our workshops.


Let's Get Started

If you're ready to get back on the job market, Concept would be delighted to help you. Get in touch with our HR Co-Ordinator today to make an enquiry.

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